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Our City, Our Culture | हमारे नगर, हमारी संस्कृति

The Creative Community of Gulbai Tekra.
A Collaborative Design Experiment

Gulbai Tekra, also known as Hollywood Basti, is a historic informal settlement built by a small community of people originally from Rajasthan that migrated two centuries ago and made Ahmedabad their home. The community is best known for Idols made for various festivals, artwork and seasonal creative occupations. The vibrancy of the people can be noticed in the colourful dresses of women, brightly decorated facades of buildings as well as the celebrations that are integral part of lifestyle.


We will explore and understand the creative processes by engaging with people through first hand observation, experience and interaction.
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Link to photographs of the workshop exhibition


Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad, India


Architecture with Difference | Rocío Conesa, Abhijeet Chandel.