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Landscape Restoration of Turia riverbench

Turia riverbench in the outskirts of Valencia is declared as a natural park but it is yet not treated as such. The area included in the project needs landscape restoration and reforestation, as well as elimination of invasive vegetal species. In cooperation with different environmental and social associations, a proposal is elaborated including environmental activities such as bird watching, nature classes and ecological orchards for children around this area.
These activities will have their associated infrastructures made with cane, a local plant found in the river bench that behaves similar to bamboo. The structures are formed by arches of multiple canes, covered by a cane layer and finally mud and lime to prevent it from rains and decay from water and sun. All the species chosen for landscape restoration are local and respond to the ground's needs and characteristics.


Paterna, Spain




Arquitectura Se Mueve Association | Rocío Conesa, Carmen López, Álvaro Vázquez, María Viana.
Econstrucció | Luis Contreras.
Forestry Technician | Lluis Castillo.


Association Julia for Environmental Education.
Turia River Coordinator for Environmental Protection.
Paterna's Association for the Unemployed.
La Coma Youth Association.