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Cultural Market for Language and Communication


Cultural Market for Language and Communication seeks to provide an alternative for producing and consuming culture in today's context.

The proposed project site lies on the axis of the Turia river crossing through Valencia city and a major park named Ayora. The setting thus suggests establishment of an interconnected green network, where the proposed Cultural Market for Language and Communication can play a strategic role being a green public space.

Urban strategy. Creating a green network by connecting the proposed park in the Cultural Market for Language and Communication with the existing green areas in the surroundings.
The existing green spaces in the area stay insufficient to its growing needs. The proposed green strategy thus can be applied to the surrounding empty plots and plazas. The Cultural Market stands where the city's gas factory was previously located, with a currently unused gasometer dominating the site, that will be refurbished and integrated in the proposal. 

The project is envisioned as an urban intervention that will provide a base for creating new identity to the anodyne surrounding. The key idea is to merge the concepts of park, market and cultural center.

Green strategy in the immediate surroundings.

The design attempts to integrate the different functions of the Cultural Center in the framework of a park. To enhance the approach path to be used by pedestrians, a 'sea of tree crowns' is made the primary focal point while moving towards the project. The structure is deliberately lowered from the street level to allow the green to take up lead.

Sectional hand drawings showing the relationship between levels and with the existing gasometer


The Cultural Market for Language and Communication combines two basic elements that form a traditional market; the deck and the retail module. The existing gasometer structure along with the designed park provides identity to the proposal. 

An open intervention with variations in levels of different platforms, the project becomes a protective large scale green roof allowing smaller scale activities to take place beneath it.


Different levels respond to different uses and activities.

Identity in City - The proposal aims to emerge as minimum as possible from street level. Volumes used for access are the only ones to protrude on the street level and are treated with a light and translucent material, polycarbonate. Thus helps achieving a unique character to the intervention in a subtle way so as to not dominate the existing gasometer.

Urban Leisure Garden - An immediate transition space more intimate than street and less public than the market becomes preamble for the public facility.

Cultural Market for Language and Communication + Park Activity - Most of the activities are deliberately located on the lower level to encourage user’s movement through all the levels. Relations are developed in an open, fluent and dynamically changing space, which is in continuous and direct relation to the proposed park.


The existing gasometer is the iconic element in the landscape. The entrance modules are subtle transparent volumes made of polycarbonate panels, glowing in the night.


Street level. Access to the lower levels by ramps and transparent entrance cores. A network of plazas of different scales allow activities of different scale to take place.

Longitudinal section through existing gasometer, lower level with park and cultural market.

Transversal section through transparent entrance module, showing the different levels of platforms and the arrangement of independent modules.

Design and arrangement of small-scale minimal modules that are mobile and expandable allows variety of configurations. The modules are not planned to be a closed volume, but to render support to the users for conducting activities in the open spaces allowing a greater transparency and connections with visitors. Thus the cultural market alters its internal spatial configuration to cater to changing needs of the culture trader or to offer space when some special event is hosted.

Diverse scenarios for combination of modules
Example of a module. Plan and section of Book shop - café
Visualisation of the module. The activities happen inside and outside



Valencia, Spain


M. Arch. Thesis


ETSAV School of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Valencia


UPV-Bancaja Award.
Finalist ISARCH Prize, 3rd Edition.


Catalogue of Best Architectural Thesis 2010-2011, ETSAV. Politechnic University of Valencia


ETSAV Gallery. Best Architectural Thesis 2010-2011.