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Contemporary Indian Architecture

An Alchemy of time and space

[This publication was developed during my collaboration with Yatin Pandya at Footprints EARTH in Ahmedabad, India]

The comprehensive research study conducted on contemporary Indian architecture identifies, evaluates, analyze and understands the details of concepts and ideas that induced the developments in architectural praxis in modern India.

An attempt is to analyze post-independence architectural scenario in a broad and contextually identified framework of research activity as an alchemy of time and space and situating the subsequent architectural directions and manifestations in the socio-cultural and political milieu of the state, examining various attitudes in political developments, cultural assimilations and forces of technology and trade and their implications on Indian architecture.

The study situates architectural manifestations/works in six different directions of architecture adopted by architects from India. The examples chosen are preferably taken as institutional buildings as representative of collective thinking.

These strands are:
- Architecture reinterpreting the past as Indian identity,
- Architecture as a continuum of the vernacular and appropriate technologies,
- Architecture as an Artifact,
- Architecture in pursuit of environment and resource management,
- Architecture with a universal vocabulary,
- Architecture that reposes faith in advanced construction technology and materials.


Yatin Pandya
Footprints E.A.R.T.H