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Building Type-Sites Muziris

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Architecture as Museography
The studio will consider the role of architecture in establishing meaningful dialogues between specific loci, histories and contemporary material cultures. The work will investigate the concept of building as ‘type-site’, a term adapted from geological, archaeological and museographical discourses, by developing detailed interventions within a nominated list of internationally recognized archaeological, cultural, heritage and environmental sites of significance. 

Through this design research, it is argued that the application of ‘type-site’ as a linguistic framework will allow new forms of interaction and tension between content and the architecture of museography to emerge. Here, it is argued that the museum should become more than just a book or a building. It has the potential to become a book that can be walked through and a building that can be read.


UCJC School of Architecture,
Camilo José Cela University, Madrid


Luis Feduchi
Rocio Conesa


Winter Semester 2015